Your Guide 

to Visiting Highline

Welcome to Highline

We welcome visitors and guests in our hospital and recognize they are an important part of a patient's stay and recovery. Since the care and recovery of our patients are our primary concerns, we hope that our visitor guidelines will be helpful.

As part of our Planetree philosophy of care, we have an open visitation policy. However, for the safety and comfort of our patients, we generally limit visitors to no more than two at any one time. Please remember that a patient's personal needs and wishes for fewer visitors take priority over the established guidelines. Roommates' wishes should also be considered. We ask that you please check with the nurse to find out about any special circumstances or additional guidelines that may apply.

We have found it is best that one family member be responsible for calling the hospital about the condition and progress of a loved one. That person can then relay information to other family members.

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